Top 7 Korean Books of All Time


The world is filled with excellent literature that should go ignored. You might like to read books primarily published in English and America, but that can cut you off from some great novels that have been written in other parts of the world. Here is an exciting list for you!

1. Han Kang, The Vegetarian

Written by the famous Kang, the daughter of a well-known Korean writer, The Vegetarian - A set of 3 interconnected short novels published as a single volume - is the first of her novels to be translated and brought over to western audiences. The story starts you off with a scene of a young woman who, despite her better judgment, decides to let her family know that she is now a vegetarian. The novel presents us with the harsh reality that even the simplest of choices can have a significant impact on our lives. The complex themes within the story make it one of the best Korean novels to look at when you get the chance. Use  to know more about Korean writers. The professionals will write a detailed essay for you.

2. Suki Kim, The Interpreter

Kim's most recent work, "Without You, There Is No Us', Kim details her experience during her time tutoring the sons of the elite class of North Korea. While the work is riveting, to say the least, her 2003 novel depicts the story of Korean immigrants in America. The story details the tale of a young woman who needs to uncover the tragedy of her parents' deaths. During the investigation, she unravels the many secrets and dark corners of the community in which she lives. Kim does an excellent job of emulating the voice of a woman caught in the middle of 2 worlds whilst not being sure if she even belongs to either. Easily one of the more famous Korean books on this list but it goes without saying that there are no shortcuts when it comes to this novel. Check out, you can buy a pre-written essay on Korean books.
3. Krys Lee, Drifting House

Krys Lee is known for his short stories that tackle many topics that are not discussed openly. He has a reputation for handling the stories quite well, whether it is about a divorcee who becomes a mail-order bride, a young boy who runs away to china from Korea, or a host of his amazing stories; he handles them with grace and in a manner that garners sympathy from the reader regardless of the choices being made. This is also a great novel to look at if you need to write a paper on book or an essay on book.

4. Kyung-sook Shin, Please Look After Mom

The fundamental plot of the novel is that an elderly person disappears in the wake of vanishing at a Seoul metro station, and her family goes searching for her. En route, however, her family members need to ask themselves genuine questions about how well they truly know their mother and what sort of life she had outside of being a caregiver for other people. Shin disclosed to CNN that she had needed a long time to complete the book. She was not sure for a very long time before she even started it: "It took me so long to write it because my concept of 'mother' changed so much over all those years. I had to think long and hard about my mother at that time, and I found that thinking about your mother is thinking about yourself." Shin has also gone on to say that the book—which sold 10 million copies in Korea alone—manages the Korean idea of Han, which is at times interpreted in English as "a sensation of distress and abuse" or "significant, delayed misery." It is the ideal book to read if you are a fan of Korean novels in English. If you want a more detailed essay on Korean writers, then use perfectessay.
5. Nora Okja Keller, Fox Girl

Both novels by Okja Keller (Comfort Women and Fox Girl) are pieces of literature that tackle the "comfort women" culture of young girls and women who were forced to get into sex work during the second world war. The women she writes about in Fox Girl are regularly humiliated and degraded. He talked about how these girls develop reputations for doing things no one else would do. Reading these books makes one feel as though they have been punched in the stomach and left feeling nervous at times. It is uncomfortable to read, but it is the degree of awkwardness when reading that makes the novel that much more interesting to read. When you realize that the Korean and Japanese governments did not even acknowledge what happened to comfort women during the war until the 1990's; the books feel paradigm-shifting. The female-led or female-centric literature genre of Korea has always been one to keep a watch on as most of the best Korean books come from this genre of writing. It is undoubtedly an excellent idea to keep an eye on this field in the coming future.

6. Young-Ha Kim, I  Have the Right to Destroy Myself

This is the first novel written by Kim, and it has already been translated into ten different languages. This is a book to check out if you are a fan of Korean books in English. The story looks at a man who is not only a wannabe novelist but is also a "Suicide Assistant". He is essentially a serial killer who assists people in death; when they have nothing left to look forward to in life. After the murder he writes about it in a manuscript he intends to submit to publishers anonymously after days spent in "crafting essay" mode. The author does a fantastic job of showing us all the victims in their true colors as well as gives us a glimpse of modern-day Seoul in the process. 

7. Richard E Kim, Lost Names

Kim, the author, has lived through the colonial period of Korea. His novel is an account of a young boy's struggles against a reigning Japanese regime. "Lost Names: is a reference to a practice of Koreans taking Japanese names to remove themselves and their memories of Korean culture. It is often hard to reap about the situation the people went through at the time, but the strength shown by the people in the novel is why the novel is one of the most popular Korean Books. 


These are the best of the best Korean novels and are all worth the time to look at and read them. If you found any of these books interesting, be sure to pick one up next time you are at the books store or are looking online for books to buy.