How to Write an Essay About Your Favorite Travel

 Writing an essay about your favorite travel is one of the most common topics students get as an assignment. But, many students can't score as good as they had anticipated. Why? Because their paper lacks certain elements. Keep reading to find out what those elements are. 

Crafting a Perfect Write Up

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Mention your quest

Everyone has a quest in life even when exploring places. It could be anything abstract such as finding peaceful moments. Or it could be something specific such as hike on a specific mountain. 

To write a quest, ask yourself, what do you aim to achieve? The answer to this question does not have to be the only reason you are traveling. It can be a part of your travel goals. Sometimes, when we arrive at someplace and spend time there, only then we realize what we have achieved. 

A quest makes articles or memoirs intriguing and fascinating to read. It will make the reviewer wants to read more to find out if you achieved your quest. 

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Induce curiosity as early as you can

Want to keep your reader interested? Plant a question in their mind. It could be as early as the first phrase in your essay. It doesn't have to be a profound question. It could be as simple as writing: "I shouldn't have told Anna about it." 

This is a very straightforward opening. But a reviewer of your paper would want to know more. They would want to know what that thing that you shouldn't have told Anna is? Furthermore, who is Anna? 

The phrase or question should be intrigued enough to keep the reader engrossed. But make sure you don't confuse the reader. Answer the question at some point in your essay on travel, but do not delay too much. It is human nature to be curious about knowing the answer. So, it is all in how you phrase your opening. 

Write Vivid Descriptions

When writing about travel, let the reader's imagination fly. Tell a story. Show them how you felt and what you experienced. Describing an experience as amazing or incredible is not just enough. These words don't mean anything to the reader unless they won't feel or imagine what you're telling. Hence, it is essential to use vivid descriptions of your experiences. Allow the reviewer to see your journey through your eyes. 

Want your travel essay writing to stand out? Never rewrite someone else's experience. Never imitate another travelogue or blog post. Your essay won't impress the reviewer unless you are writing an original piece with real experiences; things you saw, felt, said, tasted or heard. Tell a story about what made your visit special. What were your impressions before and after arriving at this place? Try to keep things interested and reveal details that make the reader want to read more. You may think that mentioning this information is not essential. But writing about your impressions of a place will make your write up richer. 

Don't write about everything that happened

Recall every detail, but don't get off the track. Give snippets of your story. Mentioning unnecessary details will make your paper about travel boring. Tell the story precisely and deeply. You may have visited a place for a week. And, A LOT can happen in a week. Your story should comprise particular details that highlight something larger about your whole week's experience. Snippets of your entire experience will be satisfying to read due to their small scope. 

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Don't use flowery language 

Travelling write-ups should entertain the reviewer. Many students who are unsure of how to write a journey story, try to make it fancy with literary words. There is no need to do that. Simply, use an active voice, be engaging, and allow the reader to connect with your story. These kinds of assignments challenge your writing intelligence. The reviewer judges you for your ability to amuse the reader and how you describe the scenes. Using too many fluffy sentences won't get you a good grade. But, describing your experience vividly will. 

End your paper with an accomplishment 

The journey experiences change something or the other in us. Did something in you also change? Were you able to accomplish your quest? Well, it doesn't matter if you did accomplish or not. But you must have learned something while being on the quest. 

A great story concludes with some change. It can be a minor change, or it can be huge. Even a shift in your opinion or perception is also enough to satisfy the reader's curiosity. A change in you could also be a realization that you have a connection with your parents' hometown. Alternatively, it could be a realization that you can travel by yourself and enjoy the trip to the fullest. Sharing your transformation or a change in you will make your story worth sharing. It will also help your paper stand out! 

Editing Your Essay

Never submit your paper without proofreading. Once you are done writing, read it out aloud. Then reread it. Review areas that need more explanation. Omit parts that sound confusing for the readers. Make sure you haven't repeated anything. Try to make the reader feel, laugh and learn something new. Nonetheless, don't preach about anything. Instead, let them in on your feelings. Let them experience what you have experienced. If you can, astonish them with something they weren't expecting. While reviewing and editing, make sure you have incorporated all these elements. 

In short, an excellent paper about travel requires creative writing skills and basic knowledge of how to write it. Hence, keep the tips mentioned above in mind when doing your assignment. It will help you craft a paper that scores a grade you aspire.