Netizens Bash Park Bom and Dara's Recent Selca

Recently, Park Bom and Sandara Park reunited and uploaded a sweet photo of them posing for the camera together. Netizens then bash the photo. Check out the comments below!

1. They're both immature. There's a reason CL was made leader when she was only 19 when they debuted...

2. Need the Bomsaic~

3. I get that these pictures are heavily filtered but her picture quality always looks like it's taken from a folder phone

4. Please, we need the Bomsaic

5. Whenever I see Park Bom's pictures, I can never tell if it's real life, photoshop, or a drawing

6. I feel bad for Gong Minzy at times like this

7. Sandara's so pretty... if only she had more variety skills

8. Covers her face vs doesn't cover her face

credit: netizenbuzz