Kjersti Flaa Issues Public Apology To Claudia Kim After Netizens Attack Her For Her Rude Remark

Reporter Kjersti Flaa has been heavily criticized by fans for a rude remark she tweeted on Twitter. 

She then posted an apology post on her Instagram with Claudia Kim's photo which goes:

"kjersti_flaaThis is @claudiashkim who I had the pleasure to meet and interview last week for the Fantastic Beasts 2 movie. Since I posted my interview with her and Ezra Miller I have realized that something I asked her came off in a way that was never intentionally meant as being anything else but curiosity, but it has later been brought to my attention that it sounded ignorant. I am a Norwegian myself and English is not my first language and I was really impressed that Claudia could read Harry Potter in English at a very young age (since she grew up in Korea and I know that English is not her first language). I have received a lot of emails with extremely unpleasant threats to me and my family after several sources are calling me racist and other terrible things. I have been totally heartbroken by everything that has happened. All I wanted to do was make a great interview with her and Ezra and I am sorry to everyone that was disappointed. Now, please spread some love into this world instead of fueling it with more hatred. And if you read this Claudia, please forgive me if I offended you. ❤"