Why is Jinny Park Eliminated from Debuting with Blackpink?

Jinny Park used to be one of the member of original Blackpink (then Pink Punk). She was born in 1998 and was the youngest member in the group. Despite her age, Jinny has a hot body and rocks US & UK styles. Photos and videos of Jinny were shared widely on the Internet and her 4D personalities attracted many fans. 

However, Jinny was eliminated from the “competition” and didn't get to become a member of Blackpink. She left YG in November 2017. She then became a contestant of the show “Produce 48”. Jinny Park revealed that she practiced with the Blackpink members for 2 years but sadly she couldn't debut with them.

While there has been no definite reason, one of the most popular reason, is that she got cut from the “Pink Punk” team.