Netizens Bash Somi's Look!

1. She's pretty and has potential but I feel like the praise about her looks are blown out of proportion ㅋㅋ

2. She's starting to take a turn for the worse...

3.  Slowly being forgotten

4.  I noticed that it's mostly women who call Jun Somi pretty. She looks a bit too strong for men to like, I've never seen one man around me think she's pretty

5. Pretty!

6. She's looking more like Ida Daussy

7. Maybe because she's a foreigner but... I can already see traces of her looks taking a turn for the worse

8. I'll be frank, she looks old. She doesn't look like a 2001er but an 87er

9.  She looks exactly like Ida Daushi, no more or less. She's going to look worse as she gets older. She's already used up her image and her popularity isn't what it used to be after her drinking scandal.

10. Ida Daushi

credit: netizenbuzz