Yunho's High School Dedicates Mural and Statue in his Honor + Netizens' Comments

1. All of this is amazing and all but what's even better is that Yunho hasn't gotten into any scandals and has managed his positive image with his great character. I'm sure his high school juniors feel proud to call Yunho their senior~

2. Yunho deserves it

3. Completely deserves it

4. I was surprised to see his perfect attendance award for all three years... the current Yunho is a result of all of his hard work

5. I was surprised at his perfect attendance award~ he wasn't just a normal student then either... he was training on top of commuting from Kwangju to Seoul

6. His high school is known as the high school that vocational school rejects go to but Yunho was never the stereotypical thug like the rest. There's a lot to respect him for.

7. This isn't special treatment for Yunho, it's how he should be treated. Notice how no one on Nate leaves negative comments about Yunho even though most SM singers get them? Even SM antis acknowledge that Yunho's an amazing person.

8. The Yoo Jae Suk of the idol world

9. Yup, even antis acknowledge Yunho... no scandals, talented in dancing, live, singing, effort, looks, physique, character, personal life... Sure, his rapping's a bit awkward, but even that didn't leave a dent on his image...

10. His school did all this for him out of gratitude for his donations, what a cool guy ㅜㅜ

Credit: Netizenbuzz