Swing's Girlfriend, Im Bora Shows Off Her Bikini Body!

Swing's girlfriend, Im Bora shows off her bikini body and netizens started a discussion about them.

1. Why is she dating Swings?

2.  Wow... I heard her face is all natural too. She's got it all, face and body... This is a diet inspo picture.

3. ㅋㅋ I feel grossed out by her just for being associated with Swings

4. No one's natural these days ㅋㅋ filler, botox, contouring, lifting, all these shots count you know

5. Any normal woman would break up with her boyfriend if he dropped out of the army for mental issues and dissed some kid who lost her parents at a young age... Obviously, they deserve each other

6. I remember someone commented on a picture of Swings hugging her "Blink if he's holding you hostage" ㅋㅋ

7. I'm reminded of Swings' face so it actually makes me barf

8. Who cares how pretty she is when she's just Swings' girlfriend in the end

9. She obviously has a big picture plan that requires dating Swings in the process... She does not have a face that would genuinely love Swings. What does she lack to be dating some dwarf like him ㅋㅋ

10. She already said she wasn't going to marry him. She's probably going to spend as much of his money as she can before getting married to another handsome man~~

credit: netizenbuzz