RED VELVET Yeri Uploads Photos on Instagram and Netizens Bash Her

1. She's uglier than most Instagram shopping models these days~

2. How can you be laughing right now?

3. Stop acting so rude to your unnis, they can only accept your antics so many times ㅡㅡ

4. Speaking coldly, she's last out of all the Red Velvet members in looks, work ethic, character, and skills. She's also the youngest but tries so hard to act special by showing off the famous people she's friends with.

5. Whoever's in charge of SM's auditions need to be fired. He has no eye for talent at all.

6. She's one of those people who are hard on the weak and weak to the strong

7. Irene is Red Velvet's visual so I can see why she has to stay but if I were an SM staff, I'd cut Yeri and keep Red Velvet to four

8. Red Velvet was great as four until she arrived and is basically a mosquito sucking the blood out of the group

9. She needs some attitude lessons tsk tsk tsk

10. She's not the type of face that SM likes... she's not tall or a good singer or has a great personality either... SM really likes dancers and yet she's not a good dancer.. just why? Just why was she added to Red Velvet?...

11. Did her fans throw her out too? I haven't seen any positive comments about her

12. She doesn't care about being an idol, she cares about kissing a$$ to other famous seniors

13. She needs to read some of these comments... unless she's really trying to live her life with her eyes and ears closed. Comments like "she's a bad dancer" isn't a hate comment, you know.

14. I think Red Velvet started getting hate after she joined ㅠㅠ I thought she as a cute, hard worker when she joined with 'Ice Cream Cake' but now all of that is gone. She's just obsessed with showing off how many famous friends she has.

15. Not pretty.. or sexy.. or cute...

Credit: Netizenbuzz