Netizens' Reactions Towards Yeeun's Embroilment in her Dad's Fraud and Sex Scandal

1. Didn't know that a pastor was able to run an entertainment business. Our pastors are all so talented, they'll do anything that makes them money.

2. She is indeed an accomplice if she attended his seminar

3. Can't believe he only got 6 years for a 20 billion won fraud, no wonder there are so many fraudsters in our country

4. What's more shocking is that they came up with 20 billion won between 150 of them... that's how rich this church is

5. She's an accomplice if she attended his seminar

6. Why do pastors always take their sexual desires out on their believers?

7. I'm a believer and it honestly makes me feel sick to see news like this about pastors. It's because of people like them that get the rest of us when all we do is attend church for God.

8. If Yeeun attended his seminar, then his believers obviously invested in his business because they trusted her... She was an active accomplice. But who in the world would invest 20 billion won for Yeeun ㅡㅡ

Credit: Netizenbuzz