Netizens' Reactions Towards SNSD's 'Lil Touch'

1. Amazing

2. Song's good and Yoona's beautiful

3. SM's songs have been bad these days. Do they have an internal enemy? Their music all sounds like the same, gross sandwich punched out of a factory

4. SNSD is a max level girl group now

5. I like all the songs ㅠㅠ keep promoting, unnis!

6. The song's really bad...

7. For some reason, they don't feel like one whole team... maybe it's because Taeyeon's so good at singing and the others aren't... the five don't really fit well together

8. Hyoyeon basically looks reborn

9. The song and the concept seem like two separate ideas but the song's really good and they're super pretty~~

10. For some reason, I get the vibe that SM is on the decline...

Credit: Netizenbuzz