Netizens Discuss About E'Dawn's Honesty Post

1. It's good to be honest but you should've gone public after discussing it with your agency first. Is your relationship more important than your other members? In the end, you were the biggest victim of it all.

2. This is why Park Seo Joon would rather die than confirm his relationship. The minute he confirms it, he's going to suffer comments like all the other b*tches in the comments whining about being taken advantage of.

3. It's understandable for celebrities to keep their relationships private but these two were way too obvious with the skinship on TV ㅠ If they lasted two years without going public, they should've known better than to act like that on TV. Were you not taking your fans for fools when you were linking arms in front of them? And more importantly, going public should've been discussed with your agency ㅡㅡ you ignored your CEO and manager and went public on Instagram without thinking of the consequences. It's obvious their agency is penalizing them by halting their promos and cancelling events. Cube probably feels the most betrayed by Hyuna after all they've done for her.

4. You didn't think this through. Think of all the suffering you went through to debut. Now all that's gone like a bubble that's been popped because of your relationship. Going public could've waited until after you hit reached success.

5. I'd be pissed too if I was a CEO and a member of a nugu group I was producing went and acted out on his own

6. He always looks like he's had the life sucked out of him by a vampire

7. What was the point in being honest? Not like you two are getting married

8.  Netizens are hypocrites. When Dispatch exposes a couple, netizens yell at the couple for keeping everything a secret and lying to the public... and when couples like him come forward with honesty, netizens are like "you should've kept it private" ㅋㅋㅋ Just looking for reasons to hate.

9. These two are better off just getting married and having variety careers later like 'Superman Returns'... it's clear that Cube is leaving them out to dry right now

10. I wonder what Hyuna sees in him??? I get that people have personal tastes but I don't see one redeeming quality in him no matter how I look........

Credit: netizenbuzz