Netizens Claim That Sohee Has No Talent

Let's take a look at the netizens' reactions when the news of Sohee becoming a free agent was made.

1. Sounds like she got kicked from KeyEast... she's not joining any "market"~~ she's just unemployed~~

2. We're good ㅋㅋ

3. Is there anywhere she can even go? She can't sing or dance and her singing career have effectively been over since WG disbanded. All that's left for her is acting and variety but she can't act and doesn't do anything on varieties. Her celebrity career is over. What has she done since 'Tell Me'? That's already 10 years ago.

4. Sorry, but her product worth as a celebrity is zero...

5. She just has no talent

6. I guess she got kicked since she can't sing or act

7. I'm honestly surprised she's even done as many movies and varieties as she has now when she hasn't shown any talent as a celebrity at all. Nevermind her singing talent, she has no acting talent either and I've seen all her movies... She's not a super pretty face and yet she keeps getting gigs.

8. She could open a clothing store and hit daebak

9. She only landed as many gigs as she did because she was under KeyEast... she can't sing, dance, or do varieties, and there's no reason for KeyEast to keep her when she's hitting negative numbers. I saw her on a recent variety and she lost focus and didn't know when to laugh and forced herself to laugh at the wrong points. She's a costly figure to keep but with nowhere to show... who will want her?...

10. She has no talent but you also have to wonder if she's put in any effort at all, whether into singing or acting..; She really relied on her 'omona' fame all this time.

Credit: Netizenbuzz