Netizens Call Super Junior Squid

1. Worry about raising your dog

2. That Choi Siwon is so damn annoying

3. Seeing SuJu after iKON actually made me feel so embarrassed. How can they be that untalented and call themselves representatives of Korea? Makes me sigh

4. Their moves are so outdated, their stage is so cringy... acting like they're superstars, like they're dominating the stage...

5. People keep calling them outdated but they've always had an outdated style. They only ever got popular for being under SM.

6. SuJu's a has-been now. They all look like squids.

7. What I found ridiculous is that I've never seen them perform so passionately like this on a Korean stage. The fact that they only worked so hard because they knew it was the Asian Games and that the whole world was watching... I never saw such energy before because I've been so used to them half a$$ing and lip syncing their Korean stages.

8. So is that murder dog still alive?

9. What happened to Donghae's style?

10. They look like a Japanese group now ㅋㅋ I get that they grew older but why does it seem like they aged harder than Shinhwa ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

11. I just want to know why... SuJu was invited to perform...???

12. iKON was so much better~

13. Bugsy, bite!!!!

14. Even Shinhwa probably has better visuals and they're older

15.  Seeing SuJu after iKON made me think... ah.. so this is the type of music my parents were into...

Credit: Netizenbuzz