Netizens Bash UEE After Looking at her Photo from Recent Press Conference

1. Nevermind her weight, she needs to please practice her acting;; All she does is open her eyes wide while pronouncing words like her jaw fell out...

2. It's a side effect of orthognathic surgery. She looked cute before but now she can't even close her mouth and her pronunciation is off. This is an example of what can happen so please reconsider the surgery before getting it.

3. Her acting's always the same and yet she gets cast all the time. Is her agency powerful?

4. What is so charming about her that she keeps getting lead roles? All the time? I'm really curious.

5. Why does she keep getting drama castings?

6. She has no star potential to really be called a trend, her looks and acting are below average... why does she keep getting work? Haven't her dramas been flopping too?

7. It's amazing how she has no representative work to her name or exceptional acting skills but she always gets leads...

8. UEE ruined her career when she lost weight, then a second time when she got jaw surgery. She has erased every single charm off of her face.

9. It's honestly uncomfortable to listen to her talk in dramas ever since she lost weight and shaved her jaw...;;

10.  I honestly think it was her dating scandal with Kangnam that ruined her image. It was obvious they were dating but she denied even the paparazzi pictures before confirming it and then breaking up a month later... Poor Kangnam lost so much weight after that ordeal.

Credit: netizenbuzz