Netizens Bash Namjoo Again After Seeing Her Latest Selca

1. She looked way prettier before~~~~~ are they trying to brainwash us into thinking she looks better now????????

2. Not pretty at all... not even an ounce, not that she was eye-catching before either. She's just an example of plastic surgery gone wrong.

3. Seems like she fixed her nose again

4. Ever since she fixed her nose, that's all I can notice in her selcas

5. Ugly from the nose down

6. Did she cut the corners of her lips too?

7. Aigoo, Namjoo-ya ㅠㅠ you were prettier before the surgery

8. Surgery's a total flop... they need to use her as a model showing the dangers of plastic surgery

9. Amazing how now that Jung Eunji's media play about her body isn't working, A Pink using the two plastic surgery cases for media play and best reply control...

10. People who got a ton of plastic surgery look great in selcas... whereas natural people look better in real life even if they're not as photogenic

Credit: Netizenbuzz