Netizens Are Not Satisfied With Krystal's Outfit

1.  People will complain that she's ugly if it's a picture of her smiling, call her b*tchy if it's a picture of her not smiling, what do you want her to do ㅋㅋㅋ

2.  Krystal's definitely beautiful now but I do think her looks took a turn for the worse. Her face was thinner and had an aura to her when she was younger but it's missing something now that she's older, even though she's still beautiful.

3. I wish she'd change her hairstyle

4. Is it her clothes that are the problem? Or her hair? She's normally gorgeous but why does she look like this here ㅠ

5. She's looking more and more like her unni

6. Not feeling the outfit

7. She looks like a cucumber

8. She really does look like model Lee Young Jin

9. Those boots don't go with that dress~

10. She should've gotten the sleeves tailored, it looks huge on her

credit: netizenbuzz