Netizens are Impressed with This Hot Mama!

Kim Tae-hee stated that she wants to age naturally. Check out what the netizens have got to say about that!

1. She can say that because she's still prettier than most people even when she's "less pretty".. ㅎㅎ

2. Please don't get anything fixed, ageing naturally is the prettiest

3. Most beautiful when you age naturally

4. She's just beautiful

5. Well people are always criticizing celebrities for getting botox and then criticizing them for not managing themselves if they show wrinkles

6. Won Bin and Kim Tae Hee really are just walls, they can turn anyone compared to them into squids

7. Only the prettiest can get away with saying something like this

8. Totally pretty... small face, big eyes, nose, lips... her nose and eyebrows look like they were drawn on

9. I consider natural crows feet around the eyes to be a beautiful part of being human... and yet actresses insist on puffy lips, puffy cheeks... It's more beautiful to age naturally like Kim Tae Hee, Lee Young Ae, and Lee Hyori

10. Pretty is not enough to describe her

Credit: Netizenbuzz