INFINITE's Sung-kyu is Mocked After a Picture of Bora Visiting Him is Posted

1. He's doing musicals in the army ㅋㅋ what an easy service

2. What the f*ck, we still have celebrity units?? What is he doing putting on musicals in the army!

3. I didn't expect them to be friends ㅋㅋ but they both look like cool personalities

4. So if we go into war, are these celebrity soldiers going to put on a musical in front of the North Korean soldiers? If they do that, I'll acknowledge them as a real unit

5. Uhh... I knew he was serving but not as a celebrity soldier. I thought they got rid of that unit after Se7en got caught in the massage salons? This guy's service is so easy if all he puts on is musicals.

6. I bet there are kids more handsome and better singers than Sunggyu who are suffering in training right now...

7. His skin looks a lot better in the army... imagine how easy his service is

8. He didn't get special treatment because he's a celebrity. You have to audition for the spot.

9. Neither of them has the looks for a celebrity

10. Why does his skin look so good ㅋㅋㅋ

Credit: Netizenbuzz