Hyeri Admits to Feeling Hurt Every Day Over Acting Critics + Netizens' Reactions

1. I'm sorry but if you can't act, you don't get to call yourself an actor. A singer who can't sing is not a singer. Hyeri-nim, you cannot sing or act. If you're being paid to act, then you need to be a good actor. If you were paid to put out an album, then you need to be a good singer. That's what being a professional means.

2. How about instead of feeling hurt every day, you just quit acting? The people who saw 'Monstrum' in theatres were hurt by your acting as well~~~

3. Don't bother acting if that's the best you can do. Do you think everyone is just bursting with extra time and money to waste it on you at the theatres? People go to the theatres to have fun. Are you not considerate at all of how they must feel after watching your horrible acting?

4. So greedy when she has no talent at all...

5. Hyeri-ya, you may be feeling hurt every day but our wounds from watching your acting are quite deep as well

6. What is there for you to overcome... when your audience can't overcome your acting...

7. Stop being greedy. We can't overcome you.

8. Why are you doing something that hurts you? Just quit ㅡㅡ Acting is clearly not your path.

9. Even if she gets hurt every day, she's also getting money in her bank account every day

10. How does one exactly overcome such poor acting? ㅋㅋㅋ

Credit: Netizenbuzz