Hidden Camera Discovered In Shin Se-kyung and APINK's Bomi Room

APink's Bomi and actor Shin Se Kyung have discovered a hidden camera that was illegally filming them in their room while they were filming for 'Pocha Beyond Borders'. 

"On the 15th, a camera device disguised as a power bank was found in the dormitory of Shin Se-kyung and APINK's Bomi, which was verified to have been set up by one of the employees of the outsourcing equipment company responsible for the equipment installation of the crew's camera equipment," said the programme group through official reporting sources.

"According to Shin Se-kyung, the camera equipment was found immediately after being set up, and after confirming with the person concerned, the content was confirmed in the first place, and there was no content that would become a problem. The crew then confiscated all the relevant equipment and immediately returned to South Korea, and then the parties involved in the alleged incident were voluntarily present for the police investigation, hoping that the personnel involved in the incident would be thoroughly investigated."