GOT7's Jackson Defends a Fan from Being Pushed and Korean Men are Jealous!

1. I don't think he specifically means only women, why are you arguing if it's okay to push men to him;;

2. You shouldn't push people

3. Women are physically weaker than men. Doesn't matter what feminists say, women are biologically born to be weaker than men. You can't deny that.

4. Does it matter whether it's a man or woman? He obviously got mad seeing someone weak being pushed around and had to say something. It's like seeing a grandma or grandpa being pushed and saying, "You shouldn't push the elderly."

5. Obviously, it was a woman who was pushed so he said woman, this isn't an issue of 'man or woman' ㅋㅋ what's wrong with men?

6. Jackson's nice and respectful

7. Yes, you shouldn't push men or women, but obviously the person who was pushed at the scene was a woman which is why he said that. Stop trying to twist his words into something they're not.

8. Can't stand how sensitive some men are in the comments these days, tsk tsk

9. Jackson did something good and yet jealous Korean men are still attacking him tsk tsk

10. Our Korean men are so dumb that they interpret someone saying "don't push women" as "it's okay to push men" ㅠ talk about jealous haters ㅠㅠ

11. Anyone who thinks he meant anything other than don't push women because the person who was pushed is a woman is choosing to live life in a difficult way

12. So it's okay to push men? Why only women ㅋㅋ

13. I doubt Jackson knew at the time that him saying "don't push women" would turn into such different interpretations..

14. [+25, -3] To all the men attacking Jackson asking if it's okay to push men, I wonder what their argument will be if he had said "don't push children" or "don't push the elderly" ^^ Korean men honestly make me barf because they're so pathetic.

15. Obviously, a man pushed her so he said you shouldn't push women. If a woman had pushed another woman, then I'm sure he would've said, "you shouldn't push people"... can't say anything these days.

Credit: Netizenbuzz