English Expert Evaluated RM's English Skills at the UN

On September 28, KBS 2TV's 'One Night of TV Entertainment' covered BTS attendance at the '73rd General Assembly of the United Nations'. At the event, RM spoke for the group and gave an inspirational speech about loving and speaking yourself. Not only his message but his English skills also became a hot topic.

An English expert then graded RM's English proficiency and said, "There was nothing awkward about his grammar or expression. There are times people get it wrong even when they know (the correct form) but his English speech was very clean and precise. I think a speech with simple English like the one given by RM is more touching to the global audience."

Netizens also agreed with the English expert and commented, "He's never even studied abroad, he's a native Korean born and raised, and a genius", "He had great pronunciation and a confident attitude, I was really proud of him~♡", "Even native English speakers were surprised at his pronunciation. His ability to express himself continues to improve ㅎ geniuses are so different... so proud of our leader." and etc.