E'Dawn: I've Gone Through a Long Month

E'Dawn, a member of the Korean group PENTAGON, stopped his participation in the Cube Entertainment activity last month including the group's fan club meeting last month and the promotion of the team's new album after publicly admitting his relationship with HyunA.

On the morning of September 7, E'Dawn posted a letter to the group's official fan forum, apologizing to fans for the public romance. 

E'Dawn said he had discussed the matter with the members many times before making the decision and wondered whether it was right or wrong. He was also stressed and worried before making his decision, but it was his personal choice. Instead of telling a bigger lie later, he now said it frankly, so he chose to tell everyone.

He added, "I would love to keep my promise to meet my fans as soon as possible and stand on the stage with an honest face, but it was a pity that I didn't keep it," he added. "Even so, it was nice to work hard to be able to show the good side with the members and to be able to participate in the event through music."