CCTV Footage of Police at the Scene of Goo Hara's Villa Released

CCTV footage of police at Goo Hara's villa is released following her assault scandal. And this causes the netizens to discuss more about the topic.

1. Pension, cigarettes, living together, violence... the answer's all there..

2. Man or woman, immediately report and break up with anyone who uses violence in a relationship

3. Goo Hara is declining without end ㅠ

4. Let's be real, the boyfriend let her hit him. If he really wanted to beat her back, she'd be hospitalized right now. She doesn't realize how grateful she should be and is accusing him of assaulting her too, tsk tsk.

5. Just endless scandal for her

6. Why does she continue down this path? She debuted at such a young age and is so rich now but with scandal after scandal... She should learn to love herself more. Educate herself, volunteer... there are so many different paths she can take.

7. If he really beat her, she'd be hospitalized and his life would be over. That's gender discrimination for you.

8. She must really have a temper...

9. I think he instigated it. He was the one tapping her with his foot, as if Goo Hara's temper would stand that.

10. At least she's not accusing him of trespassing or beating her like she's the victim in all of this

Credit: Netizenbuzz