Sulli Attacked By Japanese Netizens After Her Post On Comfort Woman

Korea recently held their first national memorial day for the comfort women who were sex slave victims of the Japanese imperial army during World War II.

In honor of the first memorial day, Sulli posted a poster that announced August 14th as the official Comfort Women’s Memorial Day.

Japanese netizens then began criticizing her by leaving inappropriate comments under her post such as "Don't you dare to come to Japan anymore", "Don’t ever come to Japan. Don’t you know Japan gave Korea money? F*ck", "Don't forget that you have Japanese fans too" and so on.

However, the Korean netizens all praised Sulli for raising the public awareness on the matter.

Good job, Sulli. I promise I won't say anything the next time you go braless.

Sulli did a great job this time.

Lose those Japanese fans, I support you Sulli!

I didn’t know about this until Sulli.

What are those monkies saying, good job Sulli!

I support you, Sulli. Korea's behind you.

This is about history, not politics, you fools.