SBS Claims B2ST and Highlight Members Received Preferential Treatment in University

On August 12th, SBS' news program revealed that B2ST and Highlight members may have received a type of class attendance leniency that is only usually reserved for students working in civil service. 

According to Dongshin University, Junhyung and Hyunseung were second-year Practical Music majors, and Doojoon and Kikwang were second-year Broadcasting Entertainment majors in 2011. In the scholarship records made public from that year, their names all have an 'X' next to them, which is usually reserved for students who have not been attending classes.

As stated by the agency, despite their busy schedule, they were mostly able to arrange their school and work schedules fittingly. However, if they are unable to do so, the agency will make necessary arrangements with the university so that they can pass.