Netizens Seem to be Unhappy with Kim Tae-hee's Small Screen Comeback

1. She's pretty but she can't act worth an ounce. No one's anticipating her comeback... And more than anything, her teeth look so unnatural when she smiles or talks. I wonder if something went wrong while she was getting them adjusted...

2. There's no worth to her title as Rain's wife. Speaking coldly, at the time they were getting married, Kim Tae Hee was at least maintaining her status even though she got some flak for her bad acting. Rain, on the other hand, was on the decline. Both of them have been acting so long and have gotten nowhere in improvement... They just don't have the passion or talent for it.

3. She's pretty~ but her acting has no charm to it. She looks the same whether she's happy or sad. All she does is move her eyes and lips around~

4. I honestly think it's going to be hard for her from here on out... Jun JI Hyun and Song Hye Gyo have had hit dramas and movies even before they got married and are still doing well with their works after but Kim Tae Hee has been on the chopping block for her bad acting since before and is now being pushed out by younger, more talented actresses. She's now married and has a child... and let's be real, none of that is going to help her improve her acting. If anything, it'll make it harder for her.

5. Our country's dentistry has a long way to go. Each mouth is different and yet they stick the same teeth model on every face. She always looks like she's holding on to a mouthful of teeth.

6. She has chiclet teeth... makes her look older

7. It's going to be hard for her...

8. Compared to other celebrities, she seems to be getting hit hard with aging...

Credit: Netizenbuzz