Netizens Mock Laboum's Solbin

1. Yaaah Kim Suk Jiiin

2. She was really ugly on 'Law of the Jungle', women with their make up boost

3. She seems to only work out her top half;;;

4. She gets so much push and support... ㅎㅎ but she never gets anywhere. No charm at all ㅠㅠ

5. I don't like how over the top she is

6. I wish she'd knock it off with the over the top antics in front of male idols... so obvious!!

7. She looks like an awkward Hyeri

8. She looks like a crossdressing man here?

9. She looks like Hyeri

10. She definitely had work done on her nose

11. Nothing special about her

12. It's not that she's getting nowhere with tons of support... it's that she made it this far with tons of support... She just has no charm at all, you can't even hate her because there's nothing particular about her.

Credit: Netizenbuzz