Netizens Criticize This Idol For Her Looks and Capability

Recently, photos of Sunmi's photoshoot with Nylon (photos above) are released and netizens began criticizing her.

1. It's funny because she got all sorts of plastic surgeries done and had a plagiarism scandal and claimed to not know the other WG member's phone number... fans really covered her up calling her four-dimensional. She's not even a singer if you've heard her sing live on 'Happy Together'.

2. She left to study and got into college with special treatment and now she's back... isn't she sorry? Tsk tsk, does she even attend classes still?

3. What I find funny about her is that she'll show all that skin at events and put more focus on looking sexy and seductive than her singing skills and yet she claims to be a feminist by wearing t-shirts like 'Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?' when she's the one who's been selling her sex as a product this whole time. Men don't find her sexy at all.

4. The reason she gets criticized is that she ignored her plagiarism scandal, quit WG to get into school on special treatment as a theater major and yet hasn't done any acting, has been in school for over 7 years while her peers have already graduated. I'm pretty sure there's a limit on how long you can take a break from school, especially if you don't even have to serve in the army.

5. Just curious, has she ever sang live?

6. She claims to be a feminist and yet has no problem shooting pictorials like this ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. She always reminds me of a cotton swab

8. She sure is confident singing a plagiarized song all the time

9. Isn't she a feminist? Shouldn't she be taking her corset off?

10. Sunye really isn't the only one deserving of hate... Sunmi's the same as her