Netizens Criticise Krystal's New Selcas

F(X)'s Krystal recently uploaded her selca on her Instagram and got criticised by netizens.

1. Did her beauty go on strike? It's not doing its job at all;;

2. Wow, her looks really left her.. well, with an unni like that.. 

3. What the, she's so ugly ㅋㅋ what is her chin in that first picture? She looks like a man

4. As they say, celebrities can look worse than the average person when they aren't dolled up...

5. Whoa.... damn surprising

6. Did she let herself go?

7. It's gotta be hard taking a picture this ugly

8. The pictures came out wrong but her glasses aren't working for her either...

9. Her looks get worse with age

10. Those glasses don't look good on her

11. [+3, -0] I wonder why she thinks that it's prettier for her to not smile

12. [+2, -1] Soojungie's beauty is on vacation...

Credit: Netizenbuzz