Netizens Comment on Son Naeun’s Tight Jumpsuit

Apink was spotted at the airport heading to Hong Kong and Naeun was seen wearing a tight navy blue jumpsuit. Check out the netizens' comments below!

Wow, you couldn't wear that without being super confident in yourself

What a killer body

She has a great body line, definitely not something anyone can pull off

She probably wore it to be comfortable on the plane and yet everyone else has to have an opinion about it

Pretty boring to look at

I think it looks weird and tacky;;...

Are the comments saying she has a great body written by her company? She looks stick skinny..

I saw their stage performance and she literally has like two lines in the whole song... I get that she's the visual member but come on..

Looks like a tiny choding body to me... is this what women are into? She's such a bubble.

What "body line" are people talking about... she's just a stick

I think the woman in the black next to her has the better body ㅋㅋㅋ

What about her body is so great? It has no volume and she barely has hips.

Credit: Netizenbuzz