Netizens Bash Red Velvet's Yeri for Expressing Love Towards Jo In-sung

On the August 23 airing of MBC FM4U's 'Ji Suk Jin's 2 O'Clock Date', Yeri confessed her love for Jo In-sung by saying, "Jo In-sung sunbaenim, I'm always cheering you on. I love you." Netizens then bashed her upon hearing that statement.

1. It's like she only became a celebrity to get to be friends with other celebrities

2. Go practice in that time

3. Again with trying to build her network

4. She doesn't work hard at all, she has no talent, all she cares about is making money and dating ㅋㅋ Her fans work so hard to shield all the hate she gets saying that she's been getting hate since she was young and that it's fine if people hate her but don't hate her to her face... and yet Yeri's sitting here building up her network again..

5. I remember reading a comment pointing out that Yeri treats her groupmate unnis like they're beneath her while trying to get close with b*tchy stars like Ha Yeon Soo

6. All she cares about is building her network

7. Yeri-ya, do you even care about being a singer?

8. As if not being good at anything wasn't bad enough, she's not even a hard worker ㅜㅜ

9. She really does seem like she became a celebrity to build a network with other celebrities... annoying to watch as a viewer

10. She's already getting hate for being too preoccupied with building her network, why is she messing with Jo In Sung now and getting more hate...

Credit: Netizenbuzz