Hyorin's Sexy Table Dance + Netizens' Comments

Last month, Hyorin put her house in Seongbuk-dong up for sale after her neighbors complained that she and her friends she invites over frequently make too much noise late at night. She is selling her 1.5 billion won home for 1.2 billion (300m discount). Recently, she uploaded photos of her and her friends enjoying dinner and dancing at the table. 

Netizens then commented:

After seeing this, I can see why she got into a fight with her neighbors over noise complaints and why her apartment pricing went down.

Makes me a bit uncomfortable seeing her act like this after reading that she had to move out of her apartment because of the home parties she was throwing and the noise complaints her neighbors were making. For someone who has pets at home...

No wonder her neighbors are always filing noise complaints. She needs to know her limits.

That restaurant must've been awfully noisy because of them

No wonder her neighbors filed noise complaints...

If you're this loud while hanging out with your friends, no wonder neighbors complain ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Source: NB