Gong Yoo is Beyond Perfect in This Dapper Look

Gong Yoo is spotted at the Starfield Goyang İloom Grand Opening event, dressed up all smart. Netizens all praised him.

1. Look at those proportions, this man is lacking nothing

2.  So tall and handsome, what a classy type of cool

3. Now he even has a sense of maturity to his handsomeness ㅎㅎ

4. He looked so good during 'Goblin'...

5. How can he look so good over the age of 40.. jealous

6. His face always reminds me of an ostrich

7. Even as a man, I find him so handsome... can't imagine what women see

8. I'm seriously curious as to who will get to marry him

9. Wait, he's 40??

10. I honestly think he looks like a crow sometimes in photos but whenever I see him in dramas or movies, he looks just so handsome...