Fx's Luna is Criticized Once Again by Netizens

Fx's Luna recently attended the SKT Young Brand launching party and netizens bashed her look on that day.

Who did her make up... her blush, lip color, and eye make up all look like separate looks

Didn't she declare herself a feminist????? So why is she wearing a corset??? Isn't make up a type of corset too???

feat. Hyehwa Station (a station known for feminist protests)


So why is she a feminist but wearing a corset? Or is she only a feminist by mouth?

She's riding on feminism for that coin

Couldn't they have made her make up match better? Just look at that blush

It looks like someone stuck two orange ping pong balls on her cheeks

She's looking more and more like Bada lately

Credit to: Netizenbuzz & functionlove.net