Twice Fan Meeting Was Destroyed by JYP Staffs?

When is the time you'll ever get to interact close up with your favorite idol group?
Fan meetings, of course!

Once, a fan of Wanna One bought 213 albums for 4.26 million won to stand a chance to attend their fan meeting but in the end, was not selected to attend the fan meeting. This has caused a lot of question marks among the fans.

TWICE, which recently released a new album held a fan meeting and JYP was criticized by fans for the flow of fan meetings. If fans wish to attend the fan meeting, they would have to buy at least 30 albums! During the fan meeting, JYP's staffs ignored the demands of the fans and shortened the interaction time. A fan was stopped from getting a high five from Mina but Mina was kind enough and high fived with the fan by reaching out her hand under the table. Fans were very unsatisfied.

Look at how crowded it was!!

Although they arrived a bit late due to traffic jams, fans were more concerned about whether the girls had enough rest or not.