This PRISTIN Member is Unwilling to Admit that She is a Chinese??

Those who have watched "Idol Producer" should know who Kyulkyung (Zhou Jieqiong) is. She and Cheng Xiao were being questioned a lot for becoming mentors on the famous Chinese show at such a young age. However, Kyulkyung's singing and dancing abilities are quite good. She gained a lot of fans after her appearances in China's reality tv shows such as Day Day Up, Happy Camp and so on.

According to Cheng Xiao, Kyulkyung once said this to her: "Why are you China people being so extra in dressing up?" Isn't she a Chinese?

Some netizens went through her tv shows in Korea and found that she admitted she often forgets she's Chinese sometimes. She also said, "In Korea, I dream in Korean sometimes. I even talk to myself in Korean."

People are angry and commented, "What's wrong with being a Chinese? Why come back to China to earn if you forget that you are a Chinese?"

Hmm... What's your thought on this?