This PD48 Japanese Trainee Has Too Much Stress

Eliminations are made in the 5th episode of 'Produce 48' and the latest rankings are Pledis Entertainment’s Lee Kaeun, Starship Entertainment’s Ahn Yujin, HKT48’s Miyawaki Sakura, Starship Entertainment’s Jang Wonyoung, Woollim Entertainment’s Kwon Eunbi, AKB48’s Goto Moe, Yuehua Entertainment’s Choi Yena, AKB48’s Takeuchi Miyu, Yuehua Entertainment’s Wang Yiren, WM Entertainment’s Lee Chaeyeon, NGT48’s Yamada Noe and SKE48’s Matsui Jurina.

The trainees in this program will sleep, eat and complete missions together.

Matsui Jurina, one of Japan's most popular trainees, got off the train on the 7th of this month. Due to the high pressure of the South Korean talent show, she had fainted several times on the day of the AKB election and fans are worried about her health.

However, according to Japan reports, Matsui Jurina's real reason for getting off is not health problems but is related to Miyawaki Sakura...

Before performing "10nen Sakura" on stage, Matsui Jurina admitted that she told Miyawaki Sakura that, "You have to dance better, or AKB will be over". Although later she explained that she did it for Miyawaki Sakura's sake but fans are still angry.

But as Matsui Jurina was eliminated, other popular Japanese trainees are slowly being recognized, such as Goudo Saki, Yabuki Nako, and Takeuchi Miyu.

On the 5th episode, Moe Goto was chosen as the Dancing Queen! She also performed quite well in the previous group duel.

However, netizens noticed that Moe Goto has lost quite some weight especially her face!

Just imagine how much stress she is facing!