This Former Female Idol Who was Once Rumoured to have Trouble Among Members is now having a Love Affair?

DIA which is formed in 2015 with members; Eunice, Hui Hyeon, Jenny, Yebin, Eun Jin, Chae Yeon, Eun Chae, Ju Eun and Som Yi is now active in a group of seven people after Eun Jin's departure from the group.

Although their songs are quite good but due to some incidents, the group's popularity slowly fades away.

The first incident was when Chae Yeon joined IOI and participated in DIA's comeback at the same time.

The second incident was when Eun Jin is reported to have health issues which resulted in her misbehavior during DIA's showcase last year. She was seen pulling a long face while the other members were performing and interacting happily.

Not long after Eun Jin's departure from DIA, she was spotted dating a guy and seemed to be in a better shape too! The man uploaded a sweet photo of them together in the subway on his Instagram.

Regardless of all the matters, I still look forward to their comeback!!