This Actress is Ranked the Most Beautiful Woman in Korea

KBS's Entertainment has released a list of most beautiful Korean woman. Unexpectedly, Kim Tae-hee won the first place even though she is not that active anymore since she got married to Rain. The second and third place fall to Song Hye-kyo and Lee Young-ae respectively.

Kim Tae-hee, who graduated from the University of Seoul, is a well-known natural beauty in Korean showbiz. She and Rain have been married for more than a year and is blessed with a daughter. Fans were surprised that she ranked #1 and said, "3 years without any masterpiece, no exposure, and got #1. A bit unexpected."

In addition, the program also announced a most popular Korean male celebrity list. The top three most handsome Korean male celebrities are Jang Dong-gun, Gang Dong-Won and Won Bin.