These 3 Maknae's Look is So Refreshing!!

Do you want to have a refreshing look this summer? Check out these 3 idols' look to help achieve your ideal summer look!

YERI, a member of Red Velvet who has a busy schedule was seen arriving at the airport wearing a knitted yellow top paired with black jeans and ankle boots. This outfit enhances her femininity and loveliness. Her blue sling bag makes her whole outfit complete.

The cobalt blue T-shirt paired with white trousers creates a refreshing look at first sight. Dark blue is easily linked to the colour of the sea and is sharp enough to capture people's attention, making it ideal for an increasingly beautiful and refreshing style. Her yellow checkered sandal and bag feel like summer as well!

This blue and white striped dress when paired with skinny sandal made Tzuyu look taller. The dress gives off a feminine feel with a touch of lace and her handbag is elegant. Her overall look complements her face and body very perfectly.