Produce 48 Trainee Cries During Broadcast because of Rude Korean Haters

Produce 48 contestant and AKB48 member, Goto Moe recently did a broadcast on ‘Showroom’, and during the live broadcast, she was smiling and talking in the beginning but was later seen crying.

Throughout the broadcast,  Korean haters left rude and nasty comments in Korean which were then translated into Japanese through the app because Goto Moe didn’t understand.

The comments are:

“How big are your breasts? Your boobs. I want to see your boobs. You have my vote.”

“Would I be able to fit my head inside your p*ssy?”

“Your clitoris. Lick, lick, lick. So tasty.”

“Hey b*tch. Know any Korean curse words? Try saying ‘Ssibalnyeon (씨발년, bitch)’ now.”

“I want to rear end you. I want to rear end you.”

The haters didn't stop even when she started crying.

“Why are you crying, you shaggy little b*tch.?”

“Stop crying, you transgender.”

“Don’t come to Korea, you f*cking c*nt.”

Korean netizens have apologized to Goto Moe for the behavior of the Korean Haters who hurt her feelings.