《PD48》is Accused of Manipulating the Votes?

Stone Music Entertainment has four trainees in the competition.

Lee Kaeun from Pledis Entertainment

Wang Yi Ren from Yue Hua Entertainment

Jang Won Young (left) and Ahn Yoo Jin (right) from Starship Entertainment

According to the Taiwan media, South Korean reality show, Produce 48, brings together 96 contestants from South Korea and Japan to form a Korean-Japanese group with only 12 selected contestants. Although the program is broadcasted at night time, its ratings and discussion are not affected at all. However, after episode 6 is aired, the new phrase "Bias for YSP" has aroused a lot of concern. 

    "YSP" is the initials of three entertainment companies Yue Hua Entertainment, Starship Entertainment and Pledis Entertainment, and also refers to the prominent candidates in the first half of "Produce 48". As opposed to other small and medium sized planning agencies, these four companies have impressive backgrounds. 

        The netizens pointed out that the trainees of these agencies, including Ahn Yoo Jin, Jang Won Young, Lee Kaeun, Wang Yi Ren and Choi Ye Na are holding stable positions in the top 10. However, some viewers who watched the show criticized the fact that these contestants were in high positions because their companies are influential. 

     Since these trainees have always been garnering a lot of attention with their talents, they eventually will have more screen time because talented trainees will be screened more. So this does not necessarily mean that the production team are biased against them.

Source: http://ent.sina.com.cn