Meiqi Fans are Asked to Make a Public Apology

Irrational fans are always there to cause some havoc on the internet, just like Meng Meiqi's fans who leaked Wu Xuanyi's personal information. Xuanyi's fans said that they will not tolerate this matter and will pursue legal actions against them. 

But recently, Xuanyi's fans also accused Meiqi's fans of talking bad about Xuanyi's grandma. Respect for the elderly and love for the young is a traditional virtue of the Chinese people, such personal attack is not allowed!

Wu Xuanyi fans said: " After Meng Meiqi's cheating vote was caught, we demanded a fair competition. Two of Meng Meiqi's biggest fans do not admit it and attacked Wu Xuanyi's family member online, we asked for an apology but they did nothing."

Let's hope they can solve this problem as soon as possible.