Kim Jae Joong Reveals His Multi-Million-Dollar Apartment

Kim Jae Joong's multi-million-dollar apartment was revealed on a Japanese tv show and the apartment costs almost 500 million yen (about 5 billion won).

He must have loved art so much that he filled his house with various pieces of expensive artwork!! Take a look at the pictures below!

    This art piece next to the door is worth over $17,800 USD!

    And this Yayoi Kusama’s famous pumpkin artwork costs $178,000 USD.

    He also has an Iron Man ($18,000 USD) in his home.

    And then this piece of artwork costs $27,000 USD.

    This piece of artwork which is lying on the floor is worth $270,000.

This is how his living room looks like.

    Can you see the horse lamp at the upper right corner of this picture? It is apparently the least                expensive item in the living room and it costs $7,100 USD. When it is lit, a dim light will be                casted over only the horse’s head.

    This stylish carpet here costs over $35,000 USD.

    What's more is that the ceilings are 5-6 meters high, an extreme luxury in the jam-packed                    metropolitan city of Seoul. He even have his own elevator! How cool is that?

    His kitchen is as fancy as his living room as well...

    This marble dining table costs over $44,000 USD.

    His fridge is filled with beers and drinks.

    There are ceramics at the entrance of his bedroom.

    A stylish and comfortable looking bed.

    Guess what? He has a total of four bathrooms in his house!

    His shoes and accessories are displayed in glass cabinets.

    This is his personal parking lot and his cars summed up to $1.5 million USD!

    His collection included a Ferrari, a Porsche, a Rolls Royce and two Mercedes Benz!

Are you impressed with his luxurious life?