Host Asks About Apink Nam Joo's New Look

Apink has made their long-anticipated comeback with the track "I'm So Sick". Apink has deviated from their signature cute concept to a more chic, mature style with this song.

During a radio show, the host mentioned: Na Eun said that Nam Joo has become prettier during this comeback, which part of her has become prettier?

The members' face expressions changed upon hearing that question and Nam Joo covered her face with her hands, not knowing how to respond.

Na Eun then explained that this comeback is more charismatic and Nam Joo carried it well so she's giving off a charming feel. However, after hearing Na Eun's explanation, the host still wanted to Nam Joo to give her respond.

Nam Joo with a smile and said, "Maybe this style suits me well so that's why everyone said that."

The host's way of questioning has provoked a lot of controversies and a lot of fans feel that the host is unprofessional because he does not respect Apink members. However, some other netizens think that she will encounter more of these questions so they suggested her to admit it openly.

Do you like her old look better or the new look better?