Former SM Staff Reveals Idols' Plastic Surgery Fact

Recently, a netizen who claimed to be a former employee of SM Entertainment exposed the inside story about plastic surgery.

Translation: Do celebrities get plastic surgeries?

Translation: As a conclusion, the majority of them do get plastic surgeries.

Translation: We'll take a singer as an example. If he/she is good at singing and dancing but his/her look is not that 'pretty', he/she will have to get plastic surgery. However, the singer will only get to fix certain parts because it is not certain yet whether he/she will be popular or not.

Translation: For example, he'll get his eyes fixed first and then the company will monitor on his progress. There's a budget for plastic surgery. If you want a new makeover, it costs around 600,000 yuan.

Translation: Almost everyone.

Translation: It's true that celebrities do look very different compared to when they first started in this industry.

Translation: If a celebrity's nose has changed, it means that he/she performed well last year.
                  : Brown Eyed Girls. Their company promised their idols that they'll get to do plastic                              surgery if they win the first place.

Translation: I'll tell you why. When they fix their eyes and noses at different places, it will be                                  asymmetrical.
                  : Is it because they have different styles?
                  : Doctors have different styles.
                  : Ya, they need to be consistent.
                  : It's good for the hospital too. If celebrities had their plastic surgeries there, the news                            would have spread.