APINK Namjoo Worries Fans With Her Instagram Post!

APINK's Namjoo updates her Instagram with a snap showing content from a book which worries fans

Check out the translations attached below:

I decided to try and change those who were closest to me, my family. However nothing changed. As I am now about to face death I have realized. If I had tried to first change myself, my family members would’ve changed themselves after looking at me.

Also, that this change would have motivated me to make my country into a better place. Who knows, that maybe then the world could have changed!

However my father had no aspiration to change this world, this country, not even my family and left this world after living a happy and pure life of merely ‘liking people and enjoying books’.

Now, my life has also started heading downhill, but I still have not woken up from this delusion and my useless greed keeps me from falling asleep as I have not been able to follow my father’s footsteps.

Credits: APINK Translations