Netizens' Responses Regarding Namjoo's Plastic Surgery Rumors!

Netizens have mixed reactions regarding APINK Namjoo's plastic surgery rumors!

Fans noticed the changes of Namjoo's face at recent public events. To this netizens shared their thoughts. Check out some of the comments highlighted below

1. [+920, -15] Never thought I'd see another idol after Park Bom get #1 on the live search rankings for plastic surgery

2. [+774, -43] For as much work as Hong Soo Ah got, I was still able to recognize her and thought she looked better. For Namjoo, I'd have no idea who she was unless told;;;

3. [+668, -58] Park Chorong spent a few weeks on hiatus too and came back with a new nose, chest, and botox ㅋ then blamed it on weight gain. Too bad Namjoo can't blame weight gain or loss because it's so painfully obvious.

4. [+61, -5] People would let it go if she came out looking better but her previous face was better which makes it worse ㅠㅠ

5. [+53, -3] This is no time to be promoting your album, you need to go back and sue your doctor

Fans are expressing their concern regarding Namjoo's changed looks, are you worried about Namjoo as well?

Credits: Netizenbuzz